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We've got some exciting chicanery in store for you, and YOU can help us change and shape YOUR show! 


We will be performing two very awful, horrible deaths tonight that were inspired by two 100% real deaths, but will be guided by your hilarious suggestions. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO FILL IN YOUR BAD,  ER, MAD LIB 

# 2   THINK OF A Memorable DEATH STORY

If your mind goes to terrible things, just wash those thoughts right out of your hair. We're not talking about a close friend dying. We're talking about a TRUE DEATH story that you might have heard about in the news or on Dateline that was SO hard to believe that it always brings on the reaction of WHAAAAT? Like that one dude in Florida in 2013 who was killed when a sinkhole opened up and swallowed him while he was sleeping in his own bed.  Crazy, but totally true. 

Got something? Then we want to hear it! 

During Act 1, our intrepid, dashing host Christian will ask if anyone in the audience has a good true death story.  If you have a truly unique and memorable story that really needs repeating, raise your hand or stand up. Christian will come to you with a microphone.  THE BEST DEATH STORY  (as judged by Judge Henry III, who resides over the show) WINS A $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO GOLDEN VALLEY BREWING COMPANY, PLUS something that you can keep on your china cabinet for years to come, until it slowly disintegrates into glorious nothingness. 

# 3  COME see us in A DRUNK CHRISTMAS CAROL on december 17 - right here!

If you like this show, consider checking out our Holiday-flavored show, A DRUNK CHRISTMAS CAROL VOLUME 2. Only ONE night! It is our annual gala event where we all have a good time and support our shows for  the year to come. 

Six actors perform a staged reading of the classic Dickens tale as two actors, chosen at random at the start of the read, slowly get drunk. An audience king and queen will randomly demand they drink again or face the "Wheel of Accents," that force all actors to speak with a British, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, or even Nigerian accent for at least a page. 

Nothing will go wrong. Nothing at all. 

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# 4  MAke a donation

You've probably heard the news that ticket sales do not pay all the bills. It is true. Live theater is more expensive then you think! That's because we value the people who make these live performances possible, and we ask that you value them too. Consider making a quick donation tonight. RIGHT NOW! It'll only take a sec. 


Do you want to come play with us? 


Experience Theatre Project is always looking to meet new connections in our community. Whether you work in an office or construction site, getting involved with performing arts is something that feeds the soul. You don't have to devote all of your time to something that inspires you. 


We are looking for partners who can help shape the future of immersive arts.  If you are a marketing specialist, accountant, lawyer, or involved in the arts, we'd love to hear from you!  Email and let's chat!

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