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1813 Regency Soiree

1813 Regency Soiree

June 10, 2023 ~ 1pm and 6pm

Welcome to the Regency era! This lovely party was inspired by the Netflix series Bridgerton.

Imagine yourself immersed in the world of 1813, with stunning décor and beautiful period costumes. Become captivated by a dance show, and enjoy the music inspired by the Regency era and beyond, performed by a live string quartet. Audiences enjoyed romantic love stories and interactive experiences based on the scandals of the season that occurred right before their eyes while enjoying a Regency spread of delicious snacks, desserts, and craft cocktails. Rumor had it that the Queen was looking for the diamond of the season, and identify the mystery gossip column writer, Mrs. Crackenthorpe. 


Activities also included portrait photos, painting, dance lessons, crochet, poquer games, and delightful conversations with the Queen.



The Regency Soirée could not be possible without the fine work of the following individuals: Leia Young, Ross Hammer, Grey Davis, Lydia Fleming, Mathias Westmond, Annie Leonard, Diana Loverso, Josie Said, Brandon Medack, Will Futterman, Amy Lichtenstein, Nate Linton, Dani Neblock, Sarah Webb, Susan Larson, Nik Dorosh, Ashley Pio, Amanda Burget, Danika Klein, Darrell McGee, Brent McMorris, Brittany & Katie, Jeremy Gardels, and Esther Leon. Very special thanks to the amazing Heidi Davis and Alisa Stewart for their dedication, hard work, and amazing gift for making beautiful experiences.

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