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About Us


We are Experience Theatre Project. Welcome to our world!

We create engaging, innovative, and imaginative live theater experiences with unique styles of storytelling that often force down the all too familiar fourth wall that separates the action from the audience. 

We strive to bring beautiful experiences to our local Portland area and beyond by hosting unique events, both online and in person, that emphasize storytelling and enhance the curiosity of our audiences.  Our little theater company presented our first mainstage show, A Midsummer Night's Dream, in the summer of 2016. Since that time, ETP has produced over 20 live events, from indoor immersive theater shows like Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap and bold adaptations of classic works like The Picture of Dorian Gray and Great Gatsby's Daisy, to outdoor summer festivals, including The Westside Shakespeare Festival in 2019 and 2021.  ETP brought innovative live streaming events in 2020 due to COVID-19, including The Turn of the Screw (streamed live to over 5,000 people worldwide) and a fantastic online "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type ghost story called A Haunting, filmed in a Victorian mansion. 

Our company pivoted at the end of 2021 to solely producing indoor immersive productions and experiences.  Our goal is to bring you, the audience member, into the world of the story or the world of the experience. It might be a Bridgerton-inspired 1813 Regency soiree, a 1864 wild west town, or a 1920s speakeasy. No matter the locale or time, ETP believes that the new generation of live performance lives in the heart of the live experience.   

Let's exchange the experience soon! 

What is Immersive Theater anyway?

A typical proscenium stage theatrical production has you buy a ticket, find a seat in a large auditorium, and watch a show performed by actors on a stage. This form of live show is nice, but passive, a little like watching a movie, TV, or other simple, observable entertainment. This traditional kind of theater does not engage the audience in any way. It's good, but ETP believes it could be even better.

When ETP is able to present live, in person shows, ETP produces theatrical experiences rather than a theatrical performance with a fourth wall that separates the audience and the actors. Imagine walking into a 1904 bar in Paris, being seated by a French Maitre D’, and served wine, beer, soda, whatever beverage you enjoy, and perhaps a small hors d’oeuvres plate. As you enjoy your food and drink, the show begins. The entire bar becomes the setting for the show, and there is no bad seat in the house. As you exit the show, you realize that this was no ordinary theater performance. This was an Experience Theater project! 

10 Voni Kengla as Daisy photo by Alisa Stewart_edited.jpg
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