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Experience Theatre Project's Board of Directors

Alisa Stewart

Managing Artistic Director & Board Chair

Alisa is the Artistic Director of Experience Theatre Project. She holds a Bachelors in Theater Arts from Oregon State University, where she studied theatre and music performance & composition. After graduation, Alisa moved to Chicago to study theatre administration at Columbia College while working in professional theatre in Chicago, most notably at Steppenwolf Theatre, Bailiwick Theatre, and the Royal George Theatre. Alisa returned to the Portland area 10 years later, where started and sold a six figure trivia company in 2013. Alisa went on to found Experience Theatre Project in 2014 after attending an immersive show that moved her to the core.


Alisa has worn just about every hat there is in one capacity or another in each of ETP's mainstage production and special events since 2014. She founded the Westside Shakespeare Festival after producing three summer Shakespeare productions for ETP, and has adapted classic works for live immersive theater, including The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. and Great Gatsby's Daisy.

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Leia Young


Leia Young is a founding board member of Experience Theatre Project. She came to the Portland area in 2004 to perform vocal jazz at Mount Hood Community College and quickly fell in love with Portland, leaving occasionally but never staying gone for long. A statistics instructor at Portland State University, Leia is a natural leader. She has produced and performed for ETP since 2015, and dedicates her time to lifting the company’s artistic visibility in the community. Her favorite roles for ETP include Emily Bronte in Gothic Horror Stories, Tina in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Allie in the online ETP original choose your own adventure film A Haunting, and she looks forward to regularly returning to the annual Westside Shakespeare Festival as the jester Sir Princess. Leia is also a member of Torchsong Entertainment, where she was last seen as Jimmy a loveable if dense detective in the original musical The Ripper. Leia is a member of the PSU Community Chorus, and in her free time, she enjoys composing original songs for ukulele and voice as well as studying ballet and tap dance.


Ryan Pfeiffer


Ryan hails from Helena, Montana.  After his service in the US Army, Ryan attended Carroll College. Some of his memorable roles include those in Caucasian Chalk Circle, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Angels in America, History of the Devil, Much Ado About Nothing, and Twelfth Night, and The Lion in Winter.  Ryan had the pleasure of performing at the Edenborough Fringe Festival, and is currently a performer, writer and producer at Interwoven Studios. Ryan has performed in Experience Theatre Project productions of The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. 

Ryan’s journey into the arts has been twofold as a sanctuary; a place to revive & thrive, and as the perfect platform for creating & telling the greatest of stories to the delight of audiences, no matter their size.


Gustavo Ramirez

Board Advisor

Gustavo J.  Ramirez born and raised in New York City. He has been an artist for 9 years, dabbling in all things creative, from writing and film making to drawing, editing, acting and producing. As the co-founder of Five3 Films, Gustavo has been in the creative process of film making and video production in many short and feature films in addition to collaborating and producing several small production works. Moving from NYC to PDX, he found a love for the stage and theater in general as an actor, Production Assistant, and Assistant Stage Manager in several local productions. Gustavo brings a unique perspective and voice to our growing theatre company, and advises the board regarding ETP’s programs that support diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Board Membership

ETP is currently seeking board members who are interested in supporting innovative, immersive performing arts. Board members are expected to volunteer their time to help bring live performing arts to Beaverton, Washington County, and beyond. 

Board members meet quarterly in Beaverton. Your time commitment depends on your availability and personal skill set, with each of us averaging about 10 hours a month. Board members must lead or sit on a board committee (artistic, marketing, education, or development, to name a few), and spread the word of our work while recruiting others to our eclectic team. 


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