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A small act today makes all the difference

Sustainers UNITE! 

We LOVE to put on shows. We LOVE to bring you innovative, unexpected  stories that challenge the way you feel about live theater.  Unfortunately, ticket prices do not align with the costs associated with paying our amazing designers, cast, crew, and paying for our materials. 

And this is where YOU come in!

During the month of June, we'll be reaching out to our beloved audience to support our exciting line-up for 2022-23.  Your support will help us pay-it-forward this summer as we secure our designers, cast, crew, and procure all of our fun stuff (sets, costumes, and props).  

But WAIT! There's MORE!


We have at least a couple shows this season where our audience members will decide how the show ends. SOMEONE will stop the show and command actors to do something in "A Drunk Christmas Carol." SOMEONE will direct our actors what ways are truly the most terrible ways to die in "101 Ways to Die," and there are many twisted combinations our mainstage immersive show "Clue" could end. Do YOU want to be in control of the show? 

We are so appreciative to our supporters and audiences. We cannot do it without your smiling face! 

“It’s easier to take than to give. It’s nobler to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime."

- Joan Marques

sponsor a prop
or costume
sponsor lights or
part of the set
Sponsor an actor,
designer, or crew
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