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A Drunk Christmas Carol-R.jpg

Celebrating our annual gala event


(Drunk Shakespeare Edition)

The Greatroom Beaverton

15900 SW Regatta Lane

A one night only event that sells out every year!


Ruth Jenkins

Matt Beyer

Fiona Jenkins

Ryan Gangwish
Darrell McGee

Cassie Funmaker

Bill Cernansky

Featuring Sam Hill as Scrooge

and Patrick Short at Dickens

Directed by Patrick Short

Part scripted, part improvised, and all hilarious! A Drunk Christmas Carol left the audience in holiday stitches, both literally and ugly sweater figuratively!

One professional actor downed 5 shots of vodka, then performed the role of Scrooge in Dickens’ most famous Christmas story. A troupe of professional improvisers try to keep the classic story on the rails, but risk being completely sidetracked by wacky audience suggestions, a wheel of accents, ugly sweater contest, holiday hors d'oeuvres, a wine raffle, and gift giveaways throughout the night. This kind of show is lovingly ripped off of the format for Drunk Shakespeare (NY). Don't worry, they've given us their blessings!

MORE INFO: One highly-trained-at-drinking actor will over-confidently attempt to perform the best Scrooge that he can while other actors torment the poor drinking actor, with the audience’s help. A King and Queen of the Festivus (up for grabs!) will have the power to make Scrooge take another shot, spin the Wheel of Accents, or suggest the scene change entirely, for example, changing Scrooge and Marley’s Storefront to a brothel. Between acts, feel free to snack on holiday-inspired appetizers, sip a holiday-inspired cocktail or mocktail, buy a raffle ticket for our 50-50 fundraiser or our wine wall of wonders, or enter our ugly sweater contest.

Two fine audience members will play our All-Knowing "Christmas Spirits" who can stop the reading at any time and either make the actors drink OR spin the Wheel of Fate! The Wheel of Fate could land on anything from forcing the actors to speak with a Russian accent or change the scenario of the scene so they perform in an untraditional setting, such as Hogwarts School of Wizardry or floating in space. Horrible accents and terrible over-acting is guaranteed. 

Presents will be given out throughout the show! We'll have an ugly sweater contest, a 50-50 raffle, and a lovely wine wall where you purchase a mystery wine donated by one of our sponsors that could be worth up to $100!  Oh and did we mention we're also raising cheddar for our winter show? Give a little, get a lot, that's what we always say. 

OH what fun it is to ride in a one drunk Christmas Carol!


HEALTH WARNING: We do not condone excessive drinking. Our drinking actor is carefully monitored at all times. Drinking in moderation can be fun. Drinking to excess can ruin your life. We promote healthy drinking.

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