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Production made possible by a grant from The Collins Foundation and generous donations from people like you!  Thank you!

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

by Robert Lewis Stevenson

Adapted by Alisa Stewart

JANUARY 17 - FEBRUARY 16, 2020

Beaverton Masonic Lodge

4790 SW Watson Avenue

" exhilarating experience!"
- Dennis Sparks Reviews
"This is FANTASTIC."
- Jesse B., Hillsboro
"I've never experienced a play like this before.... we're actually going to see it again!"
- Mark D., Portland

ETP's newest adaptation of a classic novella immerses audiences into a world of gold miners, cowboys, and the main street of an uncontrolled wild west. Explore Dr. Jekyll's laboratory, the Lanyon General Store, Millie's Saloon, and the assayer's office as you experience a story of deception, love, hope, tragedy, and catharsis a mere inches away from where you stand. 

This unique adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson's classic tale was part of Portland's 2020 Fertile Ground Festival.

Welcome to Brannock, MT

It's 1864.  Thousands of hopeful people are swarming west, some looking for fortune and glory in the form of gold, others for fantastic opportunities in a whole new world. A manifest destiny is sought by all, but it comes with a deadly price. Death comes easily to those who are unprepared for the challenges that await, and even those who thought they were prepared. 

Such is the world of Dr. Jekyll and his companions, Jane Utterson, Hastie Lanyon, his daughter Cecily, the Reverend Danvers Carew, and Millie Enfield. Having traveled long and far hoping to find success in a booming mining town, tragedy finds them first. And when a mysterious stranger shows up in town, more darkness is revealed. 

This show was recommended for ages 16 and older due to mild profanity and brief nudity. A promenade performance in some respects, but chairs were available (no reserved seating). 


Dr. Henry Jekyll

Mr. Edward Hyde

Jane Utterson

Millie Enfield

Hastie Lanyon

Cecily Lanyon

Hiram Ellis/Geoffrey

Reverend Danvers Carew

Jolly the Bartender

Mrs. Chadwick/Mrs. Roberts

Mr. Poole/Mr. Bradshaw

Sam the Piano Man

Richard Cohn-Lee

Steven Grawrock

Adria Malcolm

Falynn Burton

Eric Island

Lydia Fleming

Erik Montague

Matt Ostrowski

Lalanya Gunn

Carlyn Blount

Ryan Pfeiffer

Jeffrey Michael Kaufman

Design & Stage Team

Adaptor and Director - Alisa Stewart

Set Design - Alex Meyer

Prop Design & Set Dresser - Nicole D'Amico

Costume Designer - Allison Johnson

Lighting Design - TS McCormick

Sound Design - Alisa Stewart 

Original Music by Alisa Stewart

Video - Jeremy Gardels, Alisa Stewart

   and Ryan Pfeiffer

Stage Manager - Topher Rohrer

Assistant SM - Adrianna Denslinger

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