Our Long-Term Goals

  • To give audiences an immersive theater experience the moment they walk into the performance space, breaking the 3rd wall so as to engage the audience or create a performance alongside them as opposed to at them. 

  • To encourage writing and new works that are technology-driven in our productions, such as interaction with Skype, pre-recorded video, live music, wearable electronics, and use of smart phone apps

  • To produce both a regular annual mainstage season and concurrent late night comedy variety show

  • To create a core ensemble from which to draw both writing and performance talent

  • To encourage new works which support our vision which may be workshopped and produced in our flexible performance space

  • To be the first professional theater company in Beaverton

  • To produce a kids camp and acting workshops for young people

  • To host laboratories and special events that complement our season and ensemble


Mainstage Shows

Our first mainstage show is set to debut June 24 at The Round in Beaverton. The show will run Friday-Saturday at 7:30 with a 2pm Sunday matinee.


Depending on the success of our first summer show, our theater plans to produce a fall production, followed by a twisted Christmas tale at the end of the year, and pick up with a mystery, suspense, thriller or horror-themed winter show in January.  Our final show in the Spring will showcase an original work or an updated classic. We are still a young company, and we know that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. We hold out hope that we are able to move forward with a professional team and will achieve our goals within the next five years. 


Comedy Shows

We have a monthly comedy showcase currently taking place the last Saturday of each month at the Bethany Public House. The purpose of the show is to raise awareness of our mainstage and children's programs, and help raise money in a nontraditional way. Come join us this month!


Educational Programs

Children’s camps range this year from 4-18 years old, and feature both themed and theater skills.  


Our Future Project Dreams:

New Works: Innovation, Immersion, & Imagination

We wish to create a casual, non-judgmental space and time in which creative writers and designers can get together with people involved on the cutting edge of technology, to create new ways of storytelling or invent new methods of design. A costume designer might hook up with a wearable electronics person, a playwright might work with a videographer. Ultimately, we believe stories come out of new ways of thinking, and we’d like to nurture those new ideas through workshops, staged readings, and eventually to our mainstage.


Want to get involved? Drop us a line anytime to talk about how we can work together!