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Our Goals

To always exchange the Experience...

  • To give audiences an immersive theater experience the moment they walk into the performance space, breaking the 3rd wall so as to recognize the presence of the audience, as if they have walked inside the world of the story, not sitting on the periphery looking in.

  • To encourage writing and new works that are technology-driven in our productions, such as interaction pre-recorded video, live music, wearable electronics, and use of smart phone apps

  • To bring performing arts to a broader audience who may be inspired by live theater performance

  • To create a core ensemble from which to draw both writing and performance talent

  • To encourage new works which support our vision which may be workshopped and produced in a flexible performance space

  • To host teachers and workshop instructors to continue the grand tradition of live theater and spectacle in an immersive environment

  • To host laboratories and special events that complement our season and ensemble

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