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Puck's Diary of Interesting People

These are some of the people I have met on my journey in both Athens and fairyland. Be patient! My images take a little time to load, but you'll see my friends are quite magical.

Last updated: July 7, 2016

Tim the Time Keeper

I met an interesting man today by the name of Tim. 

Tim likes to bang things
Tim keeps the beat
Tim keeps all the fairies bouncing on their feet. 
I like Tim!

Cobweb the Faerie

Cobweb and I are good friends. She is a young fairy, only about 100 years old now, and she's almost got big girl wings too. She is very fond of laughing about and playing. I have played a few tricks on her, I must admit, but she is a very feisty fairy. She bounces back and plays no matter what! I like Cobweb.

Colton the Floot

Colton is the changling that blows into a long metal tube called a flute. He makes beautiful music with Tim the Timekeeper. I like Colton!


Mustardseed is the youngest of the fairies. She is still learning the ropes and still needs a bit of help from time to time. She looks up to all the fairies but especially likes to learn from Peaseblossom, who is teaching her to hunt and do tricks in order to entertain the queen. She is still a bit scared of Oberon and humans.  Her favorite snack is daddy long legs and crickets.

Francis Flute

the Bellows Mender

I watched a strange fellow today rehearsing for a play. Though I know not of the play he was performing, I recognize him from someplace else. I think he is some kind of repair person as I have seen him with needle and thread fixing large blowing things that seem to help fires get bigger. 


I ran into Peasblossom today with a troubling thing-- he had himself a nasty little scratch on his arm from running circles in the glade and getting way too close to the brier patch that protects the magic berries from curious faeries. I remember when the King of Shadows had me put it there to ward off hungry little spirits since the magic there is strong. I wonder if that is how Peaseblossom really cut his arm?

Annalee the Plucker

Oh! I heard such a lovely sound today! I followed the sounds of plucking and harmony and found Annalee, a changling fairy who plays a big wooden instrument called a harp. She made sounds like I've never heard before. It was if she was magic, and the harp was the sound of her magic. I sat for hours listening to her play. It was a lovely afternoon!

Theseus, Duke of Athens

The leader of Athens is Theseus, the Duke. He is very excited about his upcoming nuptuals to the Queen of The Amazon, Hippolyta. I do not think I've ever seen the Duke so excited about something. Usually he is a very stubborn, serious duke. But when he went to battle and came back with a bride, even old Philostrate was happy for him.

Hippolyta is the Queen of the Amazon. She is betrothed to our Duke of Athens. When Theseus first popped the question to Hippolyta, she gave it some thought. After all being queen of Athens is way more power than being the queen of just an island. Hippolyta then thought about her responsibilities to her people the Amazon warrior woman.


Remembering her duty to her people, and the fact she liked being single, Hippolyta first told Theseus that she was flattered but not interested in being his wife or queen. Theseus went to battle to win her hand, and she finally said yes after seeing how powerful and passionate our great Duke really is. She's taking to Athens like she's always lived here!

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazon


There is a very handsome man in town by the name of Demetrius. I have heard that he is in love with the daughter of Egeus, Hermia. He would do anything for her. Except that she is in love with another man by the name of Lysander. Demetrius knows this, but he still pursues Hermia. I know that Egeus very much prefers Hermia to marry Demetrius, probably because he is a good man, even when I try to distract him with dancing changlings that should have distracted him from his chase.

Egeus is Hermia's mother, who would like nothing more than to have her daughter marry the man of her choice, Demetrius. She is a strong woman who is well respected in Athens, and comes from a long line of respected elders. Her husband was a senator until he suddenly died. Nobody knows what happened. But many people wonder if Egeus had something to do with his death since she was the last one to see him alive.

Egeus, Hermia's Mother


This man, Lysander, is in love with a girl named Hermia. He is a nice man, but not the man Egeus would like her daughter to marry. Instead of being the son of a senator like Demetrius, Lysander's family works in Theseus's guard. His father is well respected among the military. But Lysander does not want to follow in his father's footsteps. I wonder if this is why Egeus does not want him to marry Hermia?


A young Athenian woman I saw today in the woods. She was singing a song and carrying a basket of berries that she had picked in the woods. She was a lovely thing. Her mother was with her. She was lecturing her about marrying a man called Demetrius. I could have sworn I have heard that name before! 


There is a lady of Athens, old Nedar's daughter, by the name of Helena. Yes, like Helen of Troy. She is a troubled spirit. Ever since she celebrated the buds of May in the woods with an almost Roman looking gentleman (I think his name was Demetrius), she has been cooing for his love and wishing he would be her love. Now, I am not a selfish sprite, though I have been known to do some deeds that may not have served the King of Shadows well, but I do think this lady may need some assistance of a magical kind.

Bottom the Weaver

There is a strange fellow nere I've seen around Athens. I believe he is a weaver, but he seems as if he were more than that. I have seen him perform with a troupe along side the bellows mender and the carpenters. I believe they enjoy theater as much as I do! He is a funny fellow with a funny name: Bottom


The KING of the Fairies! 


He is my master and my friend. We have such fun together, well, when he is in a good mood. We've visited the ocean together and seen dolphins jumping in and out of the water, we've played in the mountains and seen such good things to eat over yon and dale. He is the king of the forest, and rules the forest with Titania the Queen.

Titania, Queen of the Fairies

Titania the Queen. She is the most beautiful queen of the fairies! She has a changling boy that my master would like to have from her. Her fairies protect the boy far away from his eyes. I know that he will have something up his sleeve so as to trick his mistress. I wonder what that trick might be?