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On October 26, 85 people stepped back into  1927 for ​a fantastic Burlesque featuring Lacy Knickers, Viola Vinyl, Nina Nightshade, Jasmine Rain, and MsMonsta, followed by a fantastic Seance hosted by Professor DR Schreiber

But then things went horribly wrong, as things often do when you try to raise the dead in an old haunted lodge....

Necromancer DR Schreiber

Hostess Billie Burke

Magician's Assistant/Harry Houdini

Bess Houdini


Possessed Audience Victim

Madame Sylvia 


Stage Manager

Production Assistant


Professor DR Schreiber

Bridget Donnelly

James Luster

Carlyn Blount

Walter Petryk

Rochelle Mozquiz

Janice Moss

Jeremy Gardels

Melissa Sondergeld-Hood

Kaleb Sondergeld-Hood

Jason Weed

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