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RULE the SHOW - Be the Holiday Spirits of A Drunk Christmas Carol

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What could be more fun than telling the actors what to do and say in the middle of the show? Now here's your chance! Only TWO people will wield the power to stop the show and make the actor(s) do as they want, such as sing a song, dance a jig, or speak in an Australian accent. After the show begins, you'll be able to Your reign as the show's holiday spirits will be something you'll never forget. That's because the roles come with souvenir glasses that will last a lifetime. Well maybe not a lifetime.

Upon arrival at the show, you'll be given your Crowns of Glory, and then shown to the two best, most comfortable seats imaginable. You'll receive a Fairy Bell to use at your leisure to control the show, demand the wheel of mystery spun to change the tone of the show, or even make Ebenezer drink.

Go ahead. Take it. The show is yours to command!

(Don't worry- you'll get a whole orientation upon your arrival)

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