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Sponsor our Stage Managers!

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Our fantastic stage managers are similar to life managers. They not only run the show, like lights and sound, and manage set changes, they also sit in on every rehearsal and note where the actors are moving, where lights are focused, what props are taken away or added at any given time, help set furniture that is needed, and measure the spaces in which the actors move. They take care of the actors, help them with their lines, and even arrange for rides when actors are in a pinch. They are the director's right hand to make sure that when the show first opens, it maintains its artistic integrity through the run of the show. Really, the stage managers are one of the MOST essential players during shows. Without the SM and their team, the show would come to a halt. We love our stage managers!

Your sponsorship of our stage managers will assure them that they are the VIPs of this show! Thank you for your support of our stage managers!

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