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The Tempest - June 23 thru July 8, 2017 at the Round at Beaverton Central

On June 23, 2017, ETP Proudly presented a magical steampunk journey into

The Tempest

By William Shakespeare          

June 23 - July 8, 2017

Fridays-Saturdays at 7:30pm; Sundays at 2pm

The Round Amphitheater at Beaverton Central

The Tempest was ETP's second pay-what-you-will production that married steampunk and magic with Shakespeare's final play. We retained the services of magical conjurer D.R. Schreiber, who helped actor Bill Bernsohn perform several magic tricks during the program. The giant steaming 8' teapot was constructed by acclaimed steampunk artist Charles Mason III.

This show was made possible in part by a generous grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Beaverton Arts Commission, and the Cultural Coalition of Washington County.


Prospero - Bill Bernsohn

Ariel - Charles Grant

Miranda - Nicole Richwalsky

Ferdinand - Robert Amico

Caliban - Sam Schultz

Triculo - Sullivan Mackintosh

Stephano - Greg Barrett

Alonso - Matthew Proschold

Antonio - Kilee Rheinsburg

Sebastian - Noel Oishi

Gonzalo - Julia Morrissey

Ensemble Members: 

  Thomas McAulay

  Grace Proschold

  Osvaldo Torres

Directed by Jen Waters

Stage Manager: Heather Taylor

Costume Designer: Alisa Stewart

Magic Consultant: Danny Schreiber

Steampunk Set Designer: Lord Charles Mason III

Wardrobe Mistress - Erin Kirkpatrick 

Production Assistant: Sydney Heim

Photographers: Casey Campbell, Mark Hashizume




One great strength of the production is its physicality - the amazing simulation of the tempest by the storm-wracked passengers, Sam Schultz's crab-like crawl as Caliban, Sullivan Mackintosh's bawdy, staggering acrobatics as Trinculo, and Charles Grant's leaping, soaring Ariel. Greg Barrett paints the drunken Stephano with a broad brush, and his magic trick is a real audience pleaser..... Alisa Stewart's costumes are quite stunning-- in particular, Ariel's wings and Caliban's terrifying mask... The steampunk theme is carried out quite effectively on the set with a huge machine resembling a giant, mechanized, steam-belching teapot.      -Tina Arth, Westside Theatre Review

I really loved the magic - this whole show was just amazing! Can't wait to see what's next.     - Jane C. via Facebook

Thank you for the magic!!     - Casey R., Age 8, and a new theater fan

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