Let's exchange the Experience


COMING APRIL 17: A fundraiser live streamed from the Golden Valley Brewing Company to raise funds for our summer festival

COMING JULY 16-18, 2021: The Westside Shakespeare Festival returns with a full production of THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (abridged)

Keep the spirit of live theater alive! Consider a small donation today so we may continue to bring beautiful stories to life and remind everyone that theatre is beautiful and necessary. 

Experience Theatre Project specializes in live, innovative storytelling  both online and live on the (far) west side of Portland. We strive to create imaginative stories told in an innovative style. Our goal is to give you an experience, and a story that takes place all around you, not unlike a haunted house or a Disney experience. 

Our experiences take place in unconventional  spaces, such as a storefront, lodge, or winery.  But due to COVID-19, we've had to suspend live events and move our experiences here, online. Our first online performance was Turn of the Screw in May, 2020, and performed No Exit in July, 2020. Neither performance was a "Zoom" performance, rather an innovative direct stream production juxtaposing actors remotely so as to appear to be in the same space. We will continue to innovate in this space as long as social distancing keeps us at home while we plan our in person events for summer, 2021. 

Check out our past events at our GALLERY page.  We are extremely proud of the productions we have under our belts, and the amazing talent of the designers, performers, and crew who worked so hard to make such amazing art.