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War of the Worlds   -  October 28, 1938  (Okay, 2017)

"We had a wonderful time."         "This was lovely. I'm looking forward to the next historical event!"     "Thank you for a really unique experience!"        - Audience members as they exited the room

The War of the Worlds: An Immersive 1938 Gala was a trip back in time, when fascism was on the rise, the Gatsby era was winding down, replaced by the depression followed by FDR's New Deal.  The sell-out crowd enjoyed delicious craft cocktails and gourmet hors d'oeuvres served by Decarli, and hobnobbed with the 1938 elite. The Paper Moon Booth was quite the hit! Historical conjurer, Prof. D. R. Schreiber, entertained the crowd with his amazing feats of magic, which was immediately followed by the main attraction: a live staged reading of War of the Worlds. The audience was encouraged to don blindfolds to get a sense of how those in the 30s listened to live radio shows.  

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