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AUDITION for our 2023-24 Season

Experience Theatre Project is excited to announce our season-wide auditions this month. You may audition in person OR via video, but not both. We feel in-person gives us a better sense of who you are, however we understand sometimes dates do not work with schedules.

We are currently casting for the productions listed below. Stipend pay for these shows range from $200 - $1200, depending on the size of the role and rehearsal time involved. Misery, for example, has six weeks of rehearsal and five weeks of performances, versus the Queen's Feast, which has only five rehearsals and performs one single show.  You must be 18 years old to perform in any show, and you must be over 21 to perform in A Drunk Christmas Carol. 

All performances take place in Beaverton at either the Beaverton Masonic Lodge or the Greatroom. Rehearsals also take place in Beaverton with the exception of The Queen's Feast which rehearses in Milwaukie then performs in Beaverton. 

TIMES & DATES:  Rehearsals for Misery and The Importance of Being Earnest will take place evenings from 5:30pm to 8pm Sundays-Thursdays. Tech weekends are the weekend before opening, with a dark Monday night prior to open. Shows are Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 and matinees on Saturday and Sundays at 2pm. Misery will have two Thursday night shows, on 10/19 and 10/26, at 7:30pm.  Actors will NOT be called for every rehearsal. Every effort will be made to honor conflicts and special requests. We will not be able to honor any absence requests one week prior to opening for any production. 

Here is information for each show: 

MISERY - Sept 29 through Oct 28, 2023 

Paul Sheldon, male, age 35-50. Writer who is in a wreck and is saved by his number one fan, Annie. Must be able to perform physical fighting. 

Buster the Sheriff, male or female, age 40-60

(NOTE: the part of Annie has been cast)

REHEARSALS begin August 13. 


A DRUNK CHRISTMAS CAROL - December 16, 2023

Ensemble cast of 8, prefer a diverse cast of men and women. Improvisation experience required. Must be 21 years old to perform. 

Six rehearsals planned between Nov 1-Dec 15, flexible time/dates. 

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST - Jan 26 through Feb 25, 2024

Seeking 8 actors. 

John (Jack/Ernest) Worthing, J.P., male, age 28-40. The play’s protagonist. Jack Worthing is a seemingly responsible and respectable young man who leads a double life. 

Algernon Moncrieff, male, age 28-40. The play’s secondary hero. Algernon is a charming, idle, decorative bachelor, nephew of Lady Bracknell, cousin of Gwendolen Fairfax, and best friend of Jack Worthing, whom he has known for years as Ernest. Algernon is brilliant, witty, selfish, amoral, and given to making delightful paradoxical and epigrammatic pronouncements. 

Gwendolen Fairfax, female, age 22-34. Gwendolyn is Algernon’s cousin and Lady Bracknell’s daughter. She is in love with Jack, whom she knows as Ernest. She is sophisticated, intellectual, cosmopolitan, and utterly pretentious. 

Cecily Cardew, female, age 22-34. Jack’s ward, the granddaughter of the old gentlemen who found and adopted Jack when Jack was a baby. Cecily is probably the most realistically drawn character in the play.

Lady Bracknell, male or female, age 40-55. Algernon’s snobbish, mercenary, and domineering aunt and Gwendolen’s mother. 

Miss Prism, male or female, age 35-50. Cecily’s governess. Miss Prism is an endless source of pedantic bromides and clichés. 

Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D., male or female, age 40-60. The rector on Jack’s estate. Chasuble entertains secret romantic feelings for Miss Prism. 

Lane / Merriman, male or female, age 30-60. Lane is Algernon’s manservant. Merriman is the butler at the Manor House, Jack’s estate in the country. 

Rehearsals begin December 10, with the week of Dec 24-30 dark for the holiday. 


Ensemble of 12 actors, male and female. Improvisation is required; singing and dancing experience preferred. This project is not as much a traditional theater story as it is an immersive experience that brings the audience into 1598, culminating into a feast for the Queen

Rehearsals begin May 1. Anticipate around 5-6 rehearsals for this single day performance. 

Clue (69).jpg

In-Person auditions: 

Saturday, May 20      1-4pm

Monday, May 22        5-8pm

Beaverton Public Library

12375 SW 5th Street - map

Video auditions accepted through JUNE 1

Designers & Crew Wanted!

The following positions are available for our 2023-24 season:

  • Costume Designer

  • Set Designer

  • Sound Designer

  • Technical Director

  • Production Assistant 

  • Set construction

  • Deck crew

Please email your resume and a brief cover email expressing your area of interest to


Please click the button above to register for auditions, regardless of in-person or virtual. Please prepare one two-minute monologue to perform either live or on video (not both please). We encourage you to pick a monologue that shows your strengths as a performer. If you are only interested in one role, pick a monologue that speaks to that role. For example, if you only wish to be considered for Algernon, try not to pick something from Death of a Salesman.

For IN-PERSON AUDITIONS:  In-person auditions will take place at the Beaverton Public Library (address above). A link to sign up for an audition slot is inside the audition form. We are not requiring COVID-19 masks at auditions. You are welcome to wear one for your own personal protection. Note that we will ask that you remove it during your actual audition. You do not need to bring a headshot and resume if you have attached it to this form. 

For VIRTUAL auditions: when recording your two minutes (or less) monologue, please heed these tips for a good read: 

  • Make sure you have adequate light in the space you are reading in

  • Minimize background noises 

  • Speak directly into the camera as if you are speaking directly to the director of the show. Since most of what we do is immersive, we discourage monologuing into the empty air. Talk to us. 

  • Frame your video so we can see you from the waist up minimally, not just your head & shoulders

  • Ideally, please stand in front of a neutral background, like curtains or a white wall

Once complete, please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, then PASTE A LINK TO YOUR VIDEO IN THIS FORM where indicated, along with other requested details below. Please do not link to a file that our directors must download to view. If you have auditioned for PATA, you may copy/paste that link. Please indicate in the Comments section that you are a member of PATA. 

If you need assistance or have additional questions, please feel free to email us at

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