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Sponsor our Director Alisa Stewart!

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Even our hardest working people need a little bit of reassurance that the hours & hours she spends adapting beautiful shows like The Picture of Dorian Gray, or The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, or Great Gatsby's Daisy are not lost on us! Alisa Stewart is the founder and managing director of Experience Theatre Project. She's quite modest, really, and won't go into detail about how she single-handedly landed the Cady Building in Beaverton so our company could produce Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, our first immersive production. She has conceived and directed ETP's classic adaptations and is currently working on a story that will take us two years to adapt and properly produce, complete with a large immersive set, audience agency to explore, and amazing projection mapping.

Please... if you cherish the work ETP does, you really do cherish the work Alisa Stewart puts out there. We appreciate your support of our art and our love of great innovative storytelling!

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