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February 16 - March  25, 2018

The Cady Building, 12304 SW Farmington Rd.

Beaverton, Oregon


Carlyn Blount as Mollie Ralston

Nick D'Ettore as Giles Ralston

Janice Moss as Mrs. Boyle

Steve Garrison as Major Metcalf

Brian Reed as Paravicini

Murren Kennedy as Christopher Wren

Amber Bogdewiecz as Miss Casewell

James Luster as Detective Trotter

Director - Alisa Stewart

Stage Manager - Walter Petryk 

Costume Design - Amy Baldwin

Set Design - Iain Chester

Sound Design - Nick Keenan

Light Design - Billy McLendon

Technical Director - Adam Caniparoli

Props Design - Leia Young

Dialect Coach - Mary McDonald-Lewis

Production Assistant - Gustavo Ramirez

House Manager - Leia Young


Alisa Stewart

The actors were all great, and the way the seating was incorporated into the set design made it very immersive. It couldn't have been easy to design a space with the look and feel of a mid-century English guesthouse that's both large enough for eight actors to move around and with enough seating for thirty audience members, but you pulled it off.    - Mitch Miller, Willamette Week

A top notch job in the challenging “immersive mystery” environment – from the detailed and authentic set pieces to elaborately timed lighting and sound cues. Appropriately, the overall audience experience at this Experience Theatre production is unique, engaging, and well worth a visit.     – Westside Theatre Reviews

The cast was spot-on in their characters and I give them and the Director high marks for achieving success for such a difficult project. I highly recommend this show as it is a one-of-a-kind experience.

     - Dennis Sparks Reviews 

"*****" - A total of SEVEN five star reviews  on Goldstar! 

Wow, impressive! Beautiful set and great costumes & acting! Cannot wait for your next play! – Rachelle C., Facebook

Tremendous set and sound design. This immersive experience is truly something unique.   – Brian R., Facebook

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