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Coming June 8, 2024

Butler Barn - 22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd - map

The Queen’s Feast is an interactive dining experience where guests can feel a part of a traditional Tudor feast with just a little dash of intrigue for the invited guests... are you a loyalist or a rebel? 

Join us as we celebrate the amazing Queen Elizabeth I, fresh off her speech to the troops in Tillbury.  Throughout the dinner, courses are presented theatrically, accompanied by a traditional madrigal song performed by a quartet of singers. Special guests like William Shakespeare will recite his latest sonnets, a harpist will strum away beautiful music of the time, and other exciting acts will take place for the pleasure of the court. But a sinister plot to unthrone the Queen is at hand. Will you help in the unseating or stand guard to protect the Crown? 

Purchase dining or non-dining option. 

Let's Exchange the Experience

Experience Theatre Project is an innovative, immersive theater company based in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon. We strive to create imaginative stories told in an innovative style. Our goal is to give you an experience, and a story that takes place all around you, not unlike a haunted house or a Disney experience. 

Our experiences take place in unconventional  spaces, such as a storefront, lodge, or winery.  We pride ourselves in bringing together small groups of audiences to experience our shows, from Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap to original adaptations of Oscar Wilde and F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Check out our past events on our GALLERY page. 

We are extremely proud of the productions we have under our belts, and the amazing talent of the designers, performers, and crew who worked so hard to make such amazing art.  Join our mailing list below to be first "in the know" for our upcoming projects!

For private events, please email or call us at 503.568.1765. 

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